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By definition, chiropractic doctors specialize in back issues and address issues arising from injury and accidents. The leading difference between a chiropractic doctor and a medical doctor is that the chiropractor does not prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. Neither do we rely on them as a first line of defense.

Instead, we believe in the body’s immense ability to heal it given the right conditions and the right raw materials. We may – or may not – recommend vitamins or dietary supplements to augment the body’s ability to heal itself, but we strive to avoid the use of pain killing drugs that mask pain but do nothing to solve the issue causing it.

The chiropractic doctors at Injury and Accident DC Clinic strive to diminish and then eliminate pain by giving the body the conditions it needs to heal. Though the accident or injury that causes the acute problem took only a short time to occur and do its damage, healing is a process that can take some time. During the time that the body is healing, the chiropractic doctors at Injury and Accident DC Clinic ensure that the body operates under the best conditions possible at every point of the healing process.

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