We Are Injury And Accident DC Clinic specializes in aiding healing after painful events.


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By definition, chiropractic doctors specialize in back issues and address issues arising from injury and accidents...

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Our 25 years of experience chiropractors are effective in helping you to heal...

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Our 25 years experienced chiropractors at Injury And Accident DC Clinic firmly believe that physiotherapy...

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Injury and Accident DC Clinic is a chiropractic practice that specializes in assisting your body after it has experienced a traumatic event.
Carl Williams D.C. in Watsonville since 1986.
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Whiplash is common in car accidents, due to part to the fact that the muscle do not have enough time to brace dur­ing impact. Simple cases of whiplash are the result of strain or sprained or dysfunction of ligaments in the neck. The muscle of the neck naturally spasm, as a protective mechanism after an injury his occurred. Shoulder separations and ribs contusions: can occur, as the body is propelled forward, and seat belt protects drivers and passengers from further damage. Elbows and wrists sprains occur from impact with the steering wheel and/or the dashboard. Similarly, feet and knees can be injured. Head contusion leading to dizziness and short memory loss are not uncom­mon. At. our clinic, your doctor will perform a complete detailed examination, and discuss treatment options with you. A complete report will be available to you, and the insurance companies for potential future settlements.

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